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Каталог продукции:

RACK-A-TIERS 47030-77 Strips sizes 14 AWG - 4/0 AWG; Aluminum Frame *Drill is not included*
RACK-A-TIERS 83000 Laserline Kit, Includes: 1 Gun, 2 Spools of Line (1200 ft. Each), 2 Darts, and 2 CO2 Cartridges.
RACK-A-TIERS 90300 RAK 90300 1 7/8 - 12
RACK-A-TIERS 90200-77 Hole Saw, Hole Pro, Diameters: 1-7/8 - 9, Maximum Cutting Depth: 20 GA.
RACK-A-TIERS 42800 Magnetic wire Snake for fishing wire or fish tape through Walls. 10 ball chain.
RACK-A-TIERS 78500 Cable Bender, Bulldog Original, Rated up to 500 MCM. approx 15 3/4 long, 1 wide, 2 7/8 wide at the wider end.
RACK-A-TIERS 47020-77 Easy Stripper, Attatches to Power Drill, Capacity: 14-4/0 AWG.
RACK-A-TIERS 88455 Laser Plumb Bob, Laser Module Calibrated to 0.15 Accuracy, Material: Solid Brass
RACK-A-TIERS P05001B RAK P05001 - DASH 7
RACK-A-TIERS 69700 Penguin Puller Sr, Maximum Pull Strength: 5000lbs, Size: 300 MCM - 350 MCM.
RACK-A-TIERS 43244-21 Electricians Bag/Belt Combo, Size: Extra Large, Features: 9-Pocket Tool Pouch, Hammer Holster, Tape Holder
RACK-A-TIERS 43243-21 Electricians Bag/Belt Combo, Size: Large - 35-39, Features: 9-Pocket Tool Pouch, Hammer Holster, Tape Holder
RACK-A-TIERS 43242 Electrician Bag/Belt Combo, Size: Medium, Features: 9-Pocket Tool Pouch, Hammer Holster, Tape Holder
RACK-A-TIERS 18455-21 Wire Tub, Diameter: 24, 360 Feed, 3-Way Adjustable Center Hub
RACK-A-TIERS TCG5-77 Temporary Cable Guard, Length: 5, Width: 4.5, Height: 1.25. Accomodates cable up to .75, Withstands Heavy Vehicle Traffic.
RACK-A-TIERS 55455 Wire Rack, E-Z Roll, Compact, Collapsible, Weight Capacity: 150 lbs, Fits on Pipe Bender or 1 EMT, Holds Reels up to 18
RACK-A-TIERS 69705 PENGUIN PULLER JR, Maximum Pull Strength: 5000lbs, Size: 1/0 - 4/0 CU or AL.
RACK-A-TIERS 11455 Multi-Purpose Wire Cable Reel Spool Dispenser Stands: Wire Dispenser, Pipe Vise, Saw Horse, Workbench - Waterproof Rustproof. 1=pair of 2.
RACK-A-TIERS 57050 1/2 Conduit Bender, Hoppy Bender, A Stop Attached to the Bender Head Used to Create Exact and Repeatable Bends Every Time.
RACK-A-TIERS 66536 Tool Box, Lift-n-Lok, HxWxD: 14 x 16 x 10, Weight: 9.5 lbs, Color: Black/Yellow
RACK-A-TIERS 58200 Pipe Spring Bender - For Cold PVC, Capacity: 2 PVC, Note: room temperature should be 50 and warmer
RACK-A-TIERS 19455 Wire Spool, Thomas Wheeler Wire Spool - For NM-B, MC Cable Flex Pulling - Collapsible